Monday, April 23, 2007

Edward Hinchman THIS THURSDAY

The Philosophy Department and PGSA are pleased to announce a colloquium talk:

Edward Hinchman (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
"The Assurance of Warrant"
Room 264
Thursday, April 26

Hinchman writes: "In "Telling as Inviting to Trust" (PPR, May 2005) I defended a version of what Richard Moran subsequently (Phil. Imprint, September 2005) christened the Assurance View of testimony, according to which the epistemic warrant transmitted through testimony derives from an assurance that the speaker gives her addressee and is therefore unavailable to overhearers. But neither my earlier paper nor Moran's gives an adequate explanation of how the transmission of warrant depends specifically on the speaker's mode of address, making it natural to suspect that the interpersonal element is merely psychological or action-theoretic, rather than epistemic. In the present paper I aim to fill that explanatory gap: to specify exactly how a testifier's assurance can create genuine epistemic warrant."

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