Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Classical Greek Philosophy Blog

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Jordan has posted a question on Aristotle's four causes. Check it out by clicking on "comments" below or "Classical Greek Philosophy Blog" above.

To the right you can see a 5th-century Greek coin showing the owl of Athena (whom the Romans called 'Minerva'). Athena, named after the city of Athens, was the goddess of wisdom, but also of arts and crafts and of war. According to ancient Greek mythology, Athena sprang fully grown from the head of her father, Zeus, the ruler of all other gods in the Olympus. The owl is her sacred bird because it is a symbol of wisdom.

History of Aesthetics Blog

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Arthur has posted an invitation to discuss your summaries. Check it out by clicking on "comments" below or "History of Aesthetics Blog" above.

Here's a little art to get your brain juices flowing. I'm big fan of hands (perhaps Rodin & Camille Claudell are to blame). This one is by John Singleton Copley, an American painter (1738-1815). It is a detail from his Epes Sargent, ca. 1760 (National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; image from www.artstor.org).