Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ann Cudd in the Philosophy Department April 12th and 13th

The Philosophy Department announces two talks by:

Ann Cudd (Universrity of Kansas)

Public Lecture:
"Wanting Freedom"
Thursday, April 12th
7:00, LH01

Abstract: Do humans really desire freedom? If so, why is there so much oppression in the world? In my recent book, Analyzing Oppression, I attempted to explain how and why humans oppress each other and why oppression of some groups continues often for many generations. This explains why we lack freedom. I also argued that none of us is free unless we all are free. But the problem is that we do not seem to really want that freedom, the freedom that comes when all are free. This paper clarifies that problem – the problem of wanting freedom -- and points in the direction of a solution.

Departmental Colloquim:
"Truly Humanitarian Intervention"
Friday, April 13th
3:30, LH01

Abstract: In the standard, just war theory, use of this term, "humanitarian intervention" refers to the use of military force by one nation or group of nations to stop genocide or other gross human rights violations in another sovereign nation. Such purportedly humanitarian intervention, however, often ends up killing innocent civilians, violating the principles of just war theory, and making matters worse. Furthermore, only the most horrible, massive and violent violations of human rights can justify the use of military force against a sovereign nation, and therefore many evils go uncounted, unnoticed, and unmitigated. In this paper I suggest a range of responses to human rights violations that includes military intervention as only one end of the continuum, and to combine this with a greater understanding of the scope of human rights violations that require international response. I offer a new conception of truly humanitarian treatment within and beyond international borders.

Despite the implication, both lectures are open to the public. Info: allan.hazlett@ttu.edu

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