Sunday, October 19, 2008

Which philosopher will you vote for this election season?

When you need a good break, you should watch each of the following philosophy campaign ads and then rock the vote: will it be for Nietzsche, Kant, or Kierkegaard? Personally I like Kierkegaard, but I don't know if he has enough experience. I need someone reliable and tested- someone I can set my watch to.

Ad for Nietzsche:

Ad for Kierkegaard:


Anonymous said...

I'm voting Kierkegaard!!!

James Gawron said...

Those who voted for Kierkegaard and Nietzsche will soon be experiencing buyer's remorse.
Kierkegaard, though great, goes too far with emotional noumenalism and gets lost in an aesthetic purple haze.
As for Nietzsche, being psychotically wrong about everything does not a philosophy make.
And as for those vicious attack ads on the grand old party of Kant, just remember that he who kills his father should not complain about being an orphan.

Best Wishes and GO RED RAIDERS!