Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Philosophy of Literature Fall 2008

I wanted to create a post where those of us in Anna's Philosophy of Literature Seminar (and others) can write about class discussions and so on.

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Than said...

Our discussion about graphic novels versus comic books got me all pumped up. I want to continue to advance my thesis that there are in fact some substantive differences between graphic novels and comics. I will be bringing some "show and tell" to class tommorrow, and I invite others to do likewise. If Anna will let us, maybe we can toss this issue around a bit more.

The graphic novel I am bringing is "Palestine," by Joe Sacco, and in class I will explain why "Palestine," is a "graphic novel" and not a "comic." I want to probe further into what the differences between the two are, because I feel that graphic novels are literature, whereas most types of comics are not.
Maybe someone else can bring an example of something that they feel is both "comic" and "graphic novel" or else something that is a comic that we should consider literature.