Monday, March 05, 2007

Next Public Lecture: Simon Feldman, March 22nd

The next Public Lecture in the Philosophy Department will be on Thursday, March 22nd, at 7:00 in English/Philosophy LH01. The speaker will be Simon Feldman from Connecticut College. An abstract of his talk is below.

Abstract of "Locating Conscience: Conflict, Integrity and the Limits of Morality":

How demanding are the requirements of morality? If we are permitted to privilege ourselves and our projects at the expense of the impartial good or at the expense of respecting the categorical imperative, what explains this? In "Persons Character and Morality" and "Consequentialism and Integrity" Bernard Williams suggests an "integrity"-based critique of impartial morality. The aims of this talk are three: (1) to attempt to explain Williams' critique of demanding morality, (2) to suggest two ways in which Williams' critique fails (one having to do with his construal of our moral psychology and the other explicitly ethical), and (3) to re-describe our moral psychology in a way that suggests a principled account of our commonsense intuitions about the limits of morality.

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